Tool stool

Ancient workshop furniture as a blueprint

Solid sculptural stool crafted from European cherry, with a classic and clean design.

It is inspired by a historically widespread form of workshop stools or benches, intended for short-term setdown of workpieces, sawing or other kinds of manual work. These small benches were typically used in pairs.

Legs which are tapered towards the seat are typical in past european functional furniture. This style is taken forward into the OKTAGON leg designed by SCHATZL, which optically transforms from a square to an octagonal cross-section, while leaving the main surfaces parallel. It is completely planed by hand.

The design retains the pragmatic and recognizable classic design motif - as well as the original height, which is slightly higher than that of usual seating furniture.

The workshop stool is made without any metal parts and exclusively with traditional crafting methods, the legs are planed by hand. Treatment with high-quality natural oils protects the valuable wood from stains and moisture.

Since it can be crafted exclusively with hand tools and using authentic techniques, I also offer the building of this stool as part of a training (see Lernen).

This sturdy and pleasantly grave stool with its almost 5 cm thick top, made from one piece of wood without any glueing, is a piece of furniture that is suitable in every way to stay for many years and to be restored if necessary.

Each one is a precious handmade piece of seating furniture, crafted from local wood in the tradition of 3500 years of fine furniture making. Original, classic everyday objects create real values that remain - the antiques of the future.

2023 | Dimensions: 28.0 x 45.0 cm, height 46.0 cm | Materials: Europ. cherry